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Android Hacked

Android-smartphones vulnerable

Major Android Bug is a Privacy Disaster

The vulnerability allows to intercept the current session cookies and gain complete control over the user’s session.

In the Metasploit (popular among security researchers a set of tools for penetration testing), appeared a new module that allows to exploit a dangerous vulnerability in a 75% of all smartphones based on Android operating system. The flaw makes it possible to intercept web-pages which viewed victim. It is reported by The Register.

We are talking about the vulnerability CVE-2014-6041, affecting the Android 4.2.1 (and earlier versions). To discover its managed 1 September, according to researcher Tod Beardsley (a developer for the Metasploit security toolkit), who called the flaw a “privacy disaster”. (more…)

Metasploit 4.6 Released

Metasploit 4.6 Released

Metasploit 4.6: 138 138 new modules and help for beginners

Took place yesterday, an official release of the framework Metasploit 4.6, which enters into an mandatory arsenal of each pentester.

Compared with the previous version (Metasploit 4.5 was released in December 2012) added 138 new units, including 80 new exploits, 44 new auxiliary module, and 12 modules for use after a break (post-modules). Added exploits routers Linksys E1500/E2500 and Netgear DGN1000B, auxiliary modules for cracking DLink routers and database PostgreSQL. (more…)