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Kaspersky LabAccording to Kaspersky Lab’s analysis report, in 2013, the number of malware for Android has reached its absolute peak.

In late January 2014 in the Google Play experts found 200 thousand unique samples of malicious software for mobile platforms.

For the Android platform, there are over 10 million malicious applications, noted Kaspersky Lab experts, in its latest report. According to them, the end of January 2014 in Google Play and other resources they have found 200 thousand unique samples of malware for mobile platforms, which was masked as normal applications. It is worth noting that in November last year, the figure was less than 34% – 148 thousand samples. (more…)

Android HackedExplorers of the site BBC, referring to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, reported the discovery of the largest to date mobile botnet, which includes more than a million smart phones belonging to the Chinese people.

Used for the rapid spread of ‘Trojan’ application that unnoticed for smartphones and tablets during the installation of new programs. After that botnet operators can remotely control a compromised device, download personal data from the memory cell phone and use it to send spam, launch denial-of-service attacks and other malicious activity.

According to experts, the ‘at risk’ were owners of the devices based on the platform Android, has a dominant position in the rapidly growing Chinese market for mobile operating systems. Android-compatible devices are traditionally considered more vulnerable than smartphones running iOS. The reason for that is the openness of the mobile platform and the absence of serious control over the applications published on the site Google Play. (more…)

Android HackedExperts specializing in anti-spam company Cloudmark announced the discovery of the first ever botnet, which consists of more than 800 Android-smartphones.

Infected devices used to send thousands of short messages containing spam. The age-old curse of personal computers and caught up with modern smartphones.

According to available data Cloudmark, identified botnet consists of ‘smart zombie’ who were infected when they replied to a spam email with a proposal to install free version of the popular mobile game, especially Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted. Together with a desired toy, downloaded from a server located in Hong Kong, users also get a virus that turns them into smartphones spambots.

A malicious program that icon which, of course, nowhere in the operating system does not display automatically sends spam to all phone numbers from the contact list of infected devices. (more…)