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Mobile devices security

Every day, numbers users of mobile platforms is increasing. Most recently, Google celebrated the activation of the 500 millionth device platform Android, Apple by the numbers a little bit behind – 365 million devices.

But you must agree that the numbers and dynamics of development is impressive. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly part of our daily lives, becoming not a luxury but a necessity. Life ‘OnLine’, access to the information here and now without any restrictions – these are a few of the benefits that mobile devices. Information is always available. It’s easy and convenient. However, such rapid growth could not be overlooked by the criminal information society – hackers. Is your data belongs to you?

At our first meeting friendly interface mobile device immediately offers you make to it information about profiles in social networks, user e-mail and other Internet – services. This step is designed to blur the boundaries between the various services and to connect them to your device. Messages from a contact on the desktop alert appointments from Google – calendar entries friends on Twitter. Convenient, is not it? The unit is getting to you a personal assistant – helps make your day, do not forget important information or have fun in a spare moment. Research experts, about 70% of users of mobile devices to store sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers of frequently visited sites, corporate documents, and more. However, few users thinks that not only can they have access to their data. (more…)