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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Mobile Devices SecureMobile devices have made it easier for business owners to transact business while on the go. However, mobile devices have an inherent risk to them.

For one, nobody has much experience with the use of these devices. For instance, the world has had over half a century to secure the PC. In spite of this, PC security is still a major challenge in the world. The truth is that there has not been enough cumulative experience in the world to secure mobile devices. However, there are some measures that one can take to guarantee the security of their mobile device. (more…)

mobile threatsClones and compromised legitimate apps are a concern for mobile users

Cybercriminals continue to attack mobile phones through new and devious tactics, using both malicious clones and legitimate apps as bait.

We’ve stepped into the technologically advanced future that we grew up hearing about for quite some time now and so far it has been great. Unfortunately, the cybercriminal lot is determined to spoil the fun for all of us. After haunting computer machines, primarily Windows computers, for over a decade, they seem to have turned much of their attention to smartphones, the Michael Jackson of technology (oh come on, who doesn’t love the moon-walking King of Pop?). Giving a completely new meaning to communications and entertainment, the cell phones of today leave very little to be desired, except for maybe a force-field to deflect all the malware targeting them. As if the situation wasn’t bad enough already, McAfee Labs has revealed in its quarterly threat assessment that cybercriminals are targeting mobile devices in newer and smarter ways than before. (more…)

Security NewsA critical vulnerability in Google allows access to the Google’s production servers

A Team of researchers discovered a critical XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability on Google server that allows users to customize their toolbars with new buttons by uploading XML files containing layout properties. Sounds ridiculous but has been proven by the security researchers from Detectify.

Curious that the researchers used Google dorking to search for vulnerabilities within unpopular applications managed by Google, The Google Toolbar button gallery was the application that most of all attracted their attention.

The vulnerability resides in the Toolbar Button Gallery (as shown). The team of researchers found a loophole after they noticed that Google Toolbar Button Gallery allows users to customize their toolbars with new buttons. (more…)

Android App Security5 Ways To Secure Your Next Android App

Android security has become a hot button issue among Android users and developers alike. While the Android platform does offer significantly more freedom when compared to iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems, this freedom has a trade off; Android devices and applications have often been seen as far less secure than other options. For this reason, Android developers need to take special precautions when securing their applications. (more…)

mobile security tipsIdentity theft has become a serious problem in an increasing number of areas.


Secure Mobile Device

Secure Mobile Device

The truth is that getting a more secure device or downloading some security apps is always a good idea, but there are some instances when this is a necessity. Not only does having a more secure device protect you from hackers, but most of these smartphones and tablets are stronger than the other models on the market. This allows you to do more work in less time because the device will be capable of processing more data.

1. Slow Processing

If you have an old device or a weak CPU, then you’ll obviously have a slow device. This isn’t really a problem. This only becomes an issue if your device randomly becomes much slower. It’s even worse if your device is slow for several hours, but then it resumes normal functioning.


IOS 7 logoThe new iOS 7 update from Apple for iPhone and iPad includes many new features in terms of design and functionality, most of which have been covered extensively in the press. What is not so widely reported is the work Apple has done on one other important point: mobile security, especially in case of theft or loss.

Data security has always been a matter of great concern to Apple users, but physical product theft is also a massive issue. In New York, iPhone thefts are so common that they have their own column in the city’s crime figures. Since the latest software update, the NYPD are now encouraging iPhone owners to switch to iOS 7 due to the new security features. Before the arrival of iOS 7 it was easy for a thief to completely erase and re-format an iPhone so that it could be re-sold with nobody being any wiser. Now things are very different and difficult for thieves. (more…)

Lookout Security and Antivirus

Lookout Security logo• This type of app protects an individual’s phone from getting viruses. This is because most individuals get to share videos, songs, and games among others, which are all downloaded from the internet. Ensuring that the phone is installed with this app goes on to curb the virus menace.
• It also ensures that an individual has peace of mind because it also protects the phone from getting lost when stolen. The individual has to only access Google Map so as to locate where their device is. This one locates the phone even when it is off, on vibration and when the battery goes off.
• Since most people have lock codes on their phones, the person stealing it might try to unlock the code. Immediately they try that, the phone sends a message to the individuals email address, which contains the picture of the person trying to unlock together with their location.
• Any data on the phone that the individual would want it to remain private is also protected and no one can access it without the owner of the phone knowing. (more…)

F-Secure logoThe company F-Secure has announced a new version of its product line, including Internet Security 2014, Anti-Virus 2014 for PC and MAC and Mobile Security.

According to the company, the beta period for the Internet Security 2014 will last for about 6 weeks and then will go on a normal cycle of product development. This release includes bug fixes found in previous versions, as well as a new user interface for Computer Security, Online Safety and Launch Pad.

Still, the main advantages of the release – effective proactive DeepGuard, web-protection and parental control, robust online banking and safe visiting social networks. Update is designed to fix all the vulnerabilities in the browser, which are used for Internet-based attacks. (more…)

F-Secure logoF-Secure Mobile Security is a premium security suite for your smartphone or tablet.

F-Secure Mobile Security provides complete security for smartphones and tablets Android from malicious applications and Internet threats: malicious and unwanted websites.

The solution also guarantees the integrity of sensitive data in case of loss or theft of the device.

The Parental Control feature allows you to protect your children from inappropriate content on the web pages on the Internet and limit the run specific applications on a smartphone or tablet. (more…)