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Monitor Text MessagesTexting is THE way to communicate if you’re a teenager. How often have you gone to a restaurant or event and seen a group of teens sitting together but with their heads buried in their phones? I have even seen teens texting each other while they are sitting a few feet away. It can be frustrating and perplexing for an adult who grew up before cell phones wentmainstream.

When we wanted to talk to a friend, we went to the kitchen and grabbed a chair or pulled the phone into a closet to have a private conversation because our phones were in our houses attached to the wall with a cord. Boy have times changed!

Now teens are texting. There are some issues with texting as a form of communication. Since you aren’t talking face to face, sometimes the teen feels a little more assertive than they would if they were in the presence of the person who they were talking to. (more…)