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iPhone 5 hacked

Posted: September 24, 2012 in IT Security News
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About breaking of new generation smartphone from Apple on the day after the official release of new products, said a hacker from San Francisco Grant Paul. It said this in his microblog on Twitter.

Paul posted a photo screen smartphone running program Cydia, which provides access to an informal online store applications, in his microblog on Twitter.

According to Paul, to hack iPhone 5 it took him less time than for a similar break-in iPhone 4S with an iOS 6. However, all the details of hacking and used technology hacker decided not to disclose. (more…)

AvastA few days ago, an independent expert in the field of information security, Bohdan Alec said there was a mobile version of the popular anti-virus software avast! Mobile Security serious errors that could result in sending paid SMS-messages without notifying the user.

According to the blog entry, the error was detected during the testing of a new version of the application on your own phone. So, check the balance, he found nedosdachu at 12 euro cents. Later it turned out that the amount was deducted for sending messages to the number registered in the Czech Republic to the AVAST. And the room itself in the phone book was not a specialist. (more…)