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Java DangerLocked plugin contains unrepaired vulnerabilities that are actively exploited by hackers.

As representatives of Mozilla in a corporate blog ADD-ONS, in the “black list” of add-ons for the Firefox browser was introduced Pack Java 7 Update 7.

According to experts, the old version of this update rollup has unrepaired vulnerability CVE-2012-5076, which is actively exploited by hackers.

It is worth noting that to date, the exploitation of vulnerabilities in browsers and plug-ins Flash and Java has become a major source of malware. Users become victims of cybercrime, in many cases, because of their carelessness. For example, the Java component developers have released a revised package of amendments Java 7 Update 9, but many users are using outdated software, putting themselves at risk.

To prevent security incidents of Mozilla products are already blocked Update 6 and earlier additions Java. Now in the “black list” made ​​and package Java 7 Update 7. (more…)

Firefox logoMozilla this week released the browser Firefox 15.0.1, where the bug has been eliminated, the use of which allows a web site to get information about users, even if the browser is operated in private browsing.

Private browsing mode or Private Browsing allows Firefox users visit sites at the same time denying the very sites to collect data about users.

According to Mozilla, as usual Firefox Private Browsing does not have to save the pages you view on your computer hard drive, as well as data retrieval forms, passwords, files to download, cookie and temporary files that are typically cache. (more…)