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BitDefender LogoBitdefender Client Security is a network security solution aimed at all types of businesses.

BitDefender Client Security – is only one element in the system of comprehensive protection of IT infrastructure supplied by BitDefender. This system includes solutions for the protection of any element of a corporate network – from the laptop to the server.

Safety requirements for any new or existing company, regardless of size should be the same. Despite the fact that the protection of corporate intellectual property and customer data is a good measure for the business, any virus attack has a significant impact on the performance of the company and can reduce employee productivity. This performance degradation can damage a small company and at best, hamper its development. Solution to the problem of data loss and lost productivity due to the actions of malicious programs is proactive protection. Organizations can effectively protect enterprise client systems against malicious features BitDefender detect and prevent the entry of new and unknown threats with simultaneous compliance with corporate security policies and manage them effectively with limited IT resources. (more…)