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FirewallWith the rapid growth in Internet usage, equating to approximately 2.5 billion users, network threats are on the rise. Traditional firewalls and unified threat management (UTM) products can no longer withstand various malicious threats on applications and files.

So how does the technology industry intend on protecting our computers in the future?

How firewalls work

The basic definition of what a firewall does is that it forms a barrier to keep destructive forces away from your computer.

Its job is similar to a physical firewall that keeps a fire from spreading from one area to the next. It acts like a filter between your computer and the internet. You can program what you want to access and what you don’t want to get in, everything else is not allowed.

Firewalls can prevent access to certain websites and outside computers from accessing those inside a network. (more…)

Network Security

Network Security

There are too many problems that can occur when you don’t have a secure network. Malware and other issues can cost your company thousands if not millions of dollars. A data breach can put your company out of business for good. This is why it’s important to know the 7 traits of a trustworthy network security so you know how to achieve one for yourself.

You need to address an array of issues when it comes to your network. This includes such things as:

– Network perimeter;
– Wireless devices;
– E-commerce;
– Malware. (more…)

hide ssdMost modern routers ship in a secure state, but you still have to configure them to work with your devices. Depending on your router’s configuration and which operating system you use, this can be difficult or easy.

The Easiest Router Security Configuration

The easiest configuration option for your router is one-button configuration. If your router has a button on top and your computer or device supports one-touch configuration, simply start configuring your computer and press the button on your router when your computer tells you to.

Your router will send all of the information your computer needs and you will automatically be connected to the Internet. Your computer should save the configuration settings so you don’t need to press the router button again for that computer. (more…)

Tor logoTor – a system that allows anonymous establish a network connection that is protected from eavesdropping

A set of tools for a wide range of users who want to make the web a safer and more reliable. Tor provides the foundation for a range of applications to exchange information over public networks without compromising with privacy.

Using Tor can help anonymize the use of a web browser, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use TCP.

Tor works on the principle of choosing a random path, which greatly reduces the probability of interception and analysis of user traffic. Tor also provides a platform on which developers can build applications with built-in privacy features. (more…)

Network security iOS

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iOSIn addition to the basic functions of protection and security features and data encryption, iOS devices provide a wide range of network security features to securely transmit data over the network to both individual and corporate users. For corporate users, it is important that they can access corporate data from anywhere in the world. No less important and reliable user authentication and secure transmission of data. iOS uses, and gives developers access to the standard network protocols to create authorized, authenticated and encrypted connections.

iMessage – an application for instant messaging. In earlier versions it was only possible to exchange text messages. Starting with iOS 3.0, adds support for MMS messages.

Other mobile platforms to protect open ports may require additional installation of a firewall. By reducing the attack surface (no optional network utilities like telnet), iOS additional firewall does not. In addition, messages transmitted through the services of iMessage, FaceTime and Apple Push Notification Service is fully encrypted and authenticated. (more…)