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Symantec CorpAmerican developer Symantec has announced the update of its line of products to protect your PC on a Windows platform to version 20.4.

Solutions Norton Antivirus 2013 v20.4, Norton Internet Security 2013 v20.4 and  Norton 360 2013 v20.4 can boast mainly fixes a variety of “bugs” and some user interface enhancements.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in Norton 20.4 for users who have installed the app is also free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as additional protection will fix that no longer allows Norton to block and tag MBAM as incompatible software. (more…)

Symantec CorpSymantec has announced a new version of Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus, passed certification for compatibility with the new operating system Windows 8.

Norton AntiVirus application provides basic protection against viruses and malware. Users who have the need for better tools, look at the package Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security, which guarantee the timely detection and elimination of a wide range of threats through the use of advanced technologies. The latest versions provide the owners of computers running Windows 8 to productive and safe operation of a global network and have increased productivity and efficiency of the safeguards built Windows Defender.

Norton developers have also released two new products for Windows-compatible device with a touchscreen. Norton Studio application is a kind of “mobile companion” for Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus. With this additional tool, users can customize the protection mechanisms to carry out their update, eliminate vulnerabilities found and perform other common tasks. Norton Studio allows a glance assess security computer or handheld device and boasts tight integration with a modern interface operating system Windows 8. (more…)