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Edward SnowdenRegardless of your stance on Edward Snowden as a whistleblower or a criminal what he has unarguably done is spark an international conversation about online privacy.

Snowden is the man responsible for exposing the NSA’s mass surveillance of both foreign and American citizens by leaking a trove of classified NSA documents to the media in June 2013.

Since that time government surveillance and online data privacy have been blistering hot topics in the news. Exactly one week after President Barrack Obama addressed the nation regarding the NSA and the secretive data collection programs Edward Snowden addresses the world in a public Q&A session. (more…)

National Security AgencyNSA security breach has posed a great question mark on cloud security. Is it a real secure scenario at the data centers of just hype? Read on…

Every technology has its negative aspects too along with its positive ones. The similar thing is with Cloud technology. It is totally equal to the fact that wherever there is power, there will be a misuse of it. That is why it is said that power should be accountable for desirable output.

Privacy is one of the most concerned issues that are creating a troublesome situation with the use of any ultra-modern technology. The Guardian and The Washington Post, these two famous newspapers of U.S.A. revealed a distressing report on June 6, 2013. The report was that email, phone calls, videos, video chat, photos and other social networking details of U.S. citizens are no more private, as NSA has been using an official loophole to search the entire database and find out the details of certain U.S. individuals without any notice.