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McAfee logoAs always, we wanted to make sure to keep you in the loop on all current McAfee happenings, especially as it relates to their commitment to enterprise security and NGFW.

As technology has changed the way businesses operate, IT departments have been forced to adapt to what is often a faster-paced and more decentralized approach. Employees expect instant access to corporate resources, no matter where they are in the world or what device they are using. Datacenters continue to become more virtualized, but the majority of datacenters remain a mix of physical and virtual resources. (more…)


Virus Detected

Respected research firm NSS Labs conducted a study on the effectiveness of the most popular antivirus software.

As it turned out, of the 13 tested solutions only two products were able to block more than 80% of the known exploits. This is rather alarming result as antivirus vendors usually promise complete protection from known threats.

According to the results of comparative testing, package Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 blocked 92.2% of known threats, but the package Alwil Avast Pro Antivirus 7, which became the second most effective, managed to overcome a 81.9%. The third in this test was a package Symantec Norton Internet Security 19 (74.1%), fourth place went to package AVG Internet Security 2012 (73.3%), and the fifth – a package of ESET Smart Security 5 (70.7%). Then there are products such as Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 6 (69,8%), McAfee Internet Security 11 (65.5%) and Avira Internet Security 2012 (64.7%). (more…)

internet explorer logoAccording to a study web-browser from Microsoft three times surpassed its nearest rival Google Chrome.

The company NSS Labs has tested the popular web-browsers. It was found that the most secure browser was named Internet Explorer, which is being developed by Microsoft.

The experts found that IE better protect users from malware than other browsers. According to a study by research firm NSS Labs, web-browser IE three times surpassed its nearest rival Google Chrome. (more…)