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F-Secure logoF-Secure Online Scanner – free cloud antivirus scanner. In online mode determines whether your computer is infected and, if necessary, cleans the system from the detected threats .

F-Secure Online Scanner detects and removes malware from your computer.

Online scanner helps get rid of viruses and spyware, which can cause problems on your PC, and it works, even if you have another antivirus solution.

F-Secure Online Scanner is an easy-to-use, conduct checks with just a few mouse clicks: just download and run it. Do not leave any traces on your computer. (more…)

ESET LogoTry a free online scanner ESET

Scan your computer for threats quickly and effectively.

A free tool to remove malware from any computer without the need to install antivirus software.

In the ESET Online Scanner uses technology proactive detection of known and previously unknown threats ThreatSense ®, as well as important base signature databases. (more…)

VirusTotal LogoSometimes users, despite the presence of a full-fledged anti-virus solutions, there is a need for alternative testing single suspicious file. For this purpose, online services are scanning files for viruses. I offer you a review of the most popular online-scanner – Virustotal from Hispasec Sistemas.

VirusTotal – is Online service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus.

Virus scanner VirusTotal uses the following anti-virus technology (40 scanners): (more…)