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Physical Access to a ComputerWe continue our series of articles on COMPUTER security. Today we offer the second part of the article “Physical Access to a Computer and Data”.

Here’s the first part of the article

This part of the article describes following questions of the computer security:

  • Limited Access to Programs
  • LOCK ACTION WITH Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Control Access to Files And Folders
  • ON GUARD – Bio-Scanners
  • Restricting access to the BIOS


HackersThis article focuses on the dangers of cyber bullying on kids and teens and how parents can safeguards their kids digital world from cyber bullying and its negative effects on the kid’s emotional and psychological well-being.

Bullies have been around for ages but the advent of the Internet has offered bullies a new platform to practice their bullying actions. The term cyber bullying was coined to describe bullying actions that are done on the Internet. Such bullying actions include any action that is aimed at embarrassing, harassing, and threatening a kid or teenager by another person.

Kids love the social aspect of the Internet. Many kids spend a lot of time hanging out on social network sites and playing their favorite online games. Although the social network and MMO gaming sites offer kids the platform to express themselves, connect with others, and have fun playing their favorite games, these sites also expose kids to attacks from cyber bullies. In fact, social media sites provide online bullies the perfect platform to carry out their favorite pastime: bullying. (more…)

AviraLooking for an efficient, high speed, and uncomplicated free antivirus tool?

Despite the existence of a large number of free antivirus software, the new version of Avira Free Antivirus continues to impress with its innovative technology, speed and convenience. (Avira Free Antivirus is Complete Malware Protection with Windows® 8 Compatible)

Major changes were made ​​to the interface, optional scanning and configuration options, has also been improved product performance. In addition, the release includes cloud technology to protect against malicious software, web-protection, scanning a network drive, control the activity of visiting social networking and much more.

As for the interface, it has become even easier and more intuitive. On the Status panel, you can activate all functions, such as real-time protection, scanning system, check for updates and configuration settings . (more…)

F-Secure logoF-Secure Mobile Security is a premium security suite for your smartphone or tablet.

F-Secure Mobile Security provides complete security for smartphones and tablets Android from malicious applications and Internet threats: malicious and unwanted websites.

The solution also guarantees the integrity of sensitive data in case of loss or theft of the device.

The Parental Control feature allows you to protect your children from inappropriate content on the web pages on the Internet and limit the run specific applications on a smartphone or tablet. (more…)

F-Secure logoF-Secure Internet Security 2014 – a comprehensive anti-virus protection functions the computer against online threats. Includes antivirus, proactive protection, anti-spam and anti-phishing, parental control, secure online banking and web protection against malicious websites.

F-Secure Internet Security 2014 includes applications Computer Security ( Protecting your computer ), and Online Safety ( online security), as well as the launchpad F-Secure Service Agent, which is the central point of access to the components of protection in the form of buttons to run on your desktop computer. (more…)

Symantec CorpNorton 360 Multi-Device from Symantec Corp. is a unified system of protection for computers running Windows and Mac OS X, as well as mobile devices based on Android and Apple iOS.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is the protection of any combination of devices Mac, PCs, smartphones and tablets Android. It is mobile tracking software for your lost or stolen mobile devices on the Android platform and restore their data.

The basis of the solutions offered by the company on five patented layers of protection against digital threats. Norton 360 Multi-Device contains: (more…)

G Data InternetSecurity 2014G Data InternetSecurity 2014 – comprehensive antivirus with new hybrid technology, G Data CloseGap and automatic protection against network and online threats.

Additional Features: Parental control, secure Internet banking.

G Data InternetSecurity 2014 uses a new technology CloseGap, which provides effective immediate protection from viruses, hacking, spam and other Internet threats.

Active hybrid protection provides effective interaction proactive, cloud and signature-based methods to detect malware and online threats c high speed, and also covers the specific region-specific threats. (more…)

Parental Control Mobile PhonesParental Control Software for Mobile Phones

With digital threats soaring to dangerous heights, parental controls have become an essential.

When it comes to protecting your young ones from myriad dangers crawling across the cyber space, there is absolutely no room for compromise. Even the slightest bit of negligence on your part can leave your kids exposed to serious threats, including social media addiction, as they carelessly roam the digital streets using their mobile phones. Simply stripping them of their digital privileges may be an option, but exercising it guarantees a strong protest, followed by rebellion, thus ruining your relation with your youngster for good. (more…)

Kurupira WebfilterKurupira Web Filter – free parental control, allows you to block specified websites and programs. Appendix Junk Web content, allows you to control the time of Internet use.

Program Description

Kurupira Web Filter – free parental controls to block unwanted websites.

The solution is a convenient and easy-to-use application that helps you to block specified websites and software on the computer, filter the content of internet resources and control the time spent on the network – ensures the safety of your children in the digital jungle.

Kurupira Web Filter has a simple and comprehensive interface that makes it easy and intuitive to control the application.

Note: when installing the application proposes to change the home page of the web browsers installed in the system. (more…)

Child ControlParental Control –  Child Control 2012 – a powerful program with a friendly interface for user access (basically – children) to your computer, visit the exclusion of certain resources on the Internet

Program Description

Child Control 2012 – one of the best tools for monitoring the actions of other users on the computer. Parental controls allow you to limit the time and the settings for your computer, software, Windows and the Internet.

After you complete the installation process, create a password, save it, also you do not need to run the program continuously to learn – New update or not, as update notifications will be sent to your email.

You can also run the wizard, it can be easy to set the parameters of the program. You can set the amount of time your child can access the Internet. When the time comes to an end, the computer shut down running applications, and then turn off (this option can also be set in the parameters of the program). You can also set the time when Internet access will be denied to a particular user. (more…)