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PasswarePassware Kit 12.3 – recovering all kinds of lost or forgotten passwords with hardware acceleration.

Company Passware, which specializes in tools for password recovery, has released a new version of its flagship product, Passware Kit 12.3 for forensic and other tasks. This version supports password recovery for the first time to the popular web-services from the working memory of your PC and files created during the transition machine in hibernation mode. Also, the developers offer improved hardware acceleration on ATI chips and offers a distributed password recovery.

New version of Passware Kit allows for a few minutes to open passwords for Facebook, Google and other web-sites, using as input the contents of memory or the hibernation file (if the suspect has entered a password at the time of withdrawal of the machine). It should be noted that the analysis of memory and the hibernation file is available only in the offices of Forensic (for forensic) and Enterprise (for corporate IT departments). As before, the hardware accelerated decoding of hard drives and documents Microsoft Office, as well as passwords Windows and Mac OS X. Hardware acceleration is now working on the latest series of AMD Radeon videuskoritelyah 7. In a distributed password hacking can now use custom dictionaries, and to quickly decrypt Word and Excel (up to version 2003) is now available for a fee ready “rainbow tables”. (more…)