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Internet Security

Internet Security

In this article, I have listed a few tips to keep your personal data and other information secure online.

Internet security is something that everyone should be concerned with and that you should definitely take seriously. With all your bank details, your personal information and your private pictures stored online, a world of damage could be done if someone were to get a hole of your details and hack your accounts.

Thus you should choose the most secure passwords possible, you should make sure that you have different passwords for various different services and accounts, and you should look after your system security by running regular checks and installing the best software. (more…)

Internet PrivacyThe internet is a great place to share your thoughts or photos of special events and celebrations. Many of us regularly upload personal details and images that we are willing to share with our friends using various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

The level of personal data and information that we provide through the internet is used in a variety of ways, some of which we are comfortable with such as providing personal details for account verification or setting up an online account, but there are also legitimate concerns that some of this data is collected and used against our wishes, and this is beginning to make a growing number of us feel more than a little uncomfortable.

Personal financial information should still quite rightly remain off-limits but the details held about you on sites like Facebook are marketing gold, allowing companies who gain access to this data to target people with adverts and offers that match your personal likes and interests. (more…)