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Spam and phishingThere were at least 72,758 unique phishing attacks worldwide (APWG: Global Phishing Survey, published 18 September 2013)

In January – June 2013 Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) has registered just over 72.7 million phishing web sites, whereas in the previous six months was found 123.5 thousands of such resources. Fake sites were found in 53.7 million unique domains – against 89.7 million  in 2012’s second half. Experts attribute this decline declining popularity of virtual hosting phishing community.

During the reporting period, the phishers prefer to place their traps in legal areas, compromised by mass hacking (27% of phishing sites). Have not lost their popularity and trust of registration: from 53.7 million related to the phishing domains over 12,000 phishers are registered legally. It is twice more than in July – December 2012. This increase was caused by the activation of phishing in China: according to the APWG, 68% of registered domain names used for phishing attacks on Chinese targets. In this country, there is an intensive growth of medium-income segments of the population who are willing to use e-commerce services. In this case, the Chinese phishers, according to experts, prefer to place their traps, buying domains – mostly from local or U.S. registrars. (more…)