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APWG ReportAccording to a report for the I quarter of 2013, presented Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), there is a pronounced downward trend in the number of phishing sites. However, phishing attacks are becoming more targeted and no longer resemble “a shotgun.”

In general, reducing the number of phishing attacks from January to March 2013 was 20%. As a result, the volume of phishing indicators are the lowest in all the time since October 2011. According to experts, this can be explained by the reduced number of virtual servers, which are carried out with a phishing attack. It is estimated Co Anti-Phishing Working Group Rasmunsena Rod (Rod Rasmussen), the number of phishing sites hosted on these servers, decreased over the period from October 2012 to February 2013 from 14,400 to 1,653. “Such a drastic reduction in their number could mean that hackers have begun using the servers is not for phishing attacks, and to spread malware, or DoS-attacks,” explains Rasmunsen. (more…)