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PhishingThis is the conclusion reached by the experts of the survey thousands of office workers.

According to the analysis published Aaron Higbee, Technical Director PhishMe, about 49% of users have a greater fear of becoming a victim of phishing, while working at a computer at home, rather than for the workers.

According to him, in the course of the survey, participants were employees of various offices of British companies (about one thousand), it was found that 27% of them have no idea what phishing. 78% of respondents who know what I mean, sure they never become a victim of this kind of attack.

At the same time, nearly 60% of office workers receive phishing emails daily, and 6% each day are more than 10 such messages. Interestingly, almost a third of respondents did not consider it necessary to inform employees of IT-department about such incidents. (more…)