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DDoS attack alertDDOS Attacks have Increased in Number and Size

According to statistics Prolexic Technologies, in January-March 2013 the average power of DDoS-attacks increased by 718% to 48.25 Gb / s. Moreover, the experts pointed upward trend to growth of pps-indicator: last quarter it reached 32.4 million packets per second. This indicator is usually not taken into account in statistical reports, but attacks with high pps aimed, primarily, on a conclusion out of operation such elements of infrastructure, as network interface cards and boundary routers. To cope with multi-million pps-flow can only the most expensive devices, the threshold is definitely lower than the other. (more…)



In the last quarter, had a chance to reflect Prolexic Technologies 7 DDoS-attack capacity of over 20 GB / s, directed to the resources of its customers. Some of them were conducted by hackers using php-bot itsoknoproblembro.

“Last year, DDoS-attack above 20 Gb / s was unthinkable, but now seen as commonplace,” – says (Stuart Scholly, President of Prolexic. – “For reference, in the business world, few people has a network infrastructure capable of supporting such traffic load.”

Although the intensity of DDoS-specific campaigns has increased, the number of attacks on Prolexic customer base decreased by 14% compared with the II quarter. However, the figure for the year nearly doubled. DDoS-speed traffic in July-September, an average of 4.9 Gb / s, which is 11% higher than in the previous quarter. The number of packets per second (pps), sent by bots continues to grow, and for 3 months increased by 33%, from 2.7 to 3.6 million. (more…)