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UserGate FirewallUserGate Proxy Firewall – UTM solution to provide comprehensive network security, control general access to the Internet and run Web applications, create and maintain VPN-connections, filter unwanted and dangerous resources, control the width of the channel and to create virtual networks. The first version of the sixth generation of the product was released in November 2012.

UserGate Proxy & Firewall protects LAN thanks to two built-in anti-virus modules of the leading developers of anti-virus solutions – “Kaspersky Lab” and Panda Security. Anti-virus modules that make sure all network traffic, including e-mail, HTTP-and FTP-traffic. In addition to anti-virus protection built into UserGate firewall that protects the network from external attacks. The product also includes a DHCP-server for dynamic IP-addresses on the local network resource publishing feature, which allows you to gain access to corporate resources from outside the local network. (more…)

SafeIPSafeIP – an easy to use application that allows you to save inkognito while traveling over the WAN.

With the proposed free tool you can couple of clicks on the button to change the ‘home country’ and select a new external IP-address for your computer. In addition, the product includes useful additional tools to block potentially dangerous sites and protection from annoying ads.

Immediately after starting the application SafeIP displays the current external IP-address of the computer and offers users to choose an alternate address that is registered in one of the five countries (USA, UK, Poland, Germany and France). Select a country by a single mouse click, and then a couple of seconds before your eyes will be the new IP-address. By the way, the application can be used not only to preserve anonymity. Thanks SafeIP you can come to the site and view a variety of content that is not available in your region.

Site Explorer SoftwareCrew argue that in most cases, the application works quite well. With SafeIP testers quickly gained the Polish ‘citizenship’ and when you visit sites browser to automatically select the appropriate language and display advertisements in Polish. We should also note that such masking has little negative effect on the speed of loading pages, but in most cases, these delays do not seem critical. (more…)