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Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeInformation security experts have found 11 flaws in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Information security experts from Google Project Zero found the eleven dangerous vulnerabilities in Galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung, and was immediately reported to the manufacturer.

Samsung released the update which fixes eight holes in October this year. Three the least dangerous vulnerabilities will be eliminated this month. (more…)

samsung find my mobileZero-day vulnerability in Samsung’s Find My Mobile service allows you to remotely lock the user smartphone.

If an attacker exploits the zero-day vulnerability in Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ service, then the hacker can remotely lock, unlock and ring the phone.

Vulnerability affects all smartphones Samsung, what support the web service Find My Phone. (more…)

SmartTV vulnerability

SmartTV vulnerability

Low level of protection allows the substitution of TV broadcasts and to get access to an electronic purse of the owner.

As reported in his blog German researcher Martin Herfurt, he was able to crack the Samsung TVs with the SmartTV.

The expert noted that a successful cyber attack carried out from a remote computer to broadcast programs on technology HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), which used in TVs Samsung.

After he managed to break the system to replace the broadcast, get the ability to create fake subtitles and even generate a currency for peer to peer payment system Bitcoin, as well as perform other unauthorized actions. (more…)


Backdoor in firmware

According to experts of the incident affects products Samsung and Dell.

As found in information security expert Neil Smith, a number of printer models, manufactured by Samsung, with a built a program that allows the manufacturer to support service to remotely connect to the device and to manage its settings, as well as diagnostics.

This functionality is hidden and, apparently, the developers did not intend to disclose the fact of his presence. However, at the time the information about the ‘backdoor’ went public, which, according to security experts, necessarily interested intruders.

It should be noted that the same problem found in some printers, manufactured by Dell. This is due to the fact that some products are produced according to the manufacturer signed a contract with Samsung.

According to Smith, the access to the system via SNMP-ID, open for writing and reading. But he did not see the list of SNMP-variables, but remains active even when the SNMP in the device settings. (more…)