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HackersBackdoor allowed hackers to gain administrative access to the SCADA-systems, owning only the IP-address of the device.

Industrial Company of New Jersey, USA, was the victim of hackers who broke into its automated control system (Industrial control system, ICS). Hackers gained access to the system through the backdoor, which was introduced by producer ICS.

According to the memorandum the FBI, hackers gained access to the control of heating and ventilation. Hackers are systematically unauthorized access to the ICS during February and March of this year, after a Twitter user under the alias @ ntisec, which is linked to organized burglary, posted a message on the need to strengthen the protection of SCADA systems.

Hackers used Shodan search engine to find systems Tridium Niagara, directly connected to the Internet. It was at issue was discovered Shodan IP-address of the company in New Jersey, which eventually affected. (more…)