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Secunia logoSecunia accidentally published a 0-day exploit in an open mailing list

The Danish company Secunia, which specializes in gathering information about the vulnerabilities in different software products, accidentally sent the  letter to the open mailing list with the description of 0-day vulnerability and exploit.

Yesterday Secunia has officially apologized for the incident and explained that the error was due to the activation of the auto-complete email program. Head of Department Advisory Team named Chaitanya Sharma instead of sending a personal letter to the author exploit sent a letter to a public mailing list. (more…)

Secunia logo

Secunia VIM 4.0

Secunia company from Denmark, known for its solutions for IT-Security, a new version of its package of Vulnerability Intelligence Manager (VIM) 4.0.

This package is designed to collect and organize information about the vulnerabilities in all the programs installed on your computer.

VIM 4.0 package was originally designed for use in a corporate environment, to conduct a comprehensive audit of the security software. In the version of VIM 4.0 developers have used a new graphical interface, already tested on recent versions of its flagship package Secunia CSI to discover, download and install any necessary corrections to the installed software.

New version of Secunia VIM can display flow information gathered about known vulnerabilities in software in the form of tapes XML or RSS. Display information based on a predetermined list of resources and demonstrates the accurate verification of imported resources on the company’s database, Secunia, which describes the known vulnerabilities.

All actions, including recording and logins are recorded in a special register for further audit and compliance standards for data protection. The collected data can be exported into a spreadsheet format CSV. (more…)