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Avastavast! SecureLine answers high demand for secure WiFi

AVAST Software has announced the launch SecureLine – its virtual private network (VPN), which allows customers to encrypt their communications while using public WiFi networks.

This is the last burst of effort AVAST against the growing threat of data theft by hackers consumers through such transfer is usually unsafe. In an international survey of more than 340,000 respondents, AVAST found that unsafe use of WiFi is a common problem throughout the world.

“We developed SecureLine due to increased demand from our customers,” said Vincent Steckler, CEO of AVAST. “Half of PC users in the U.S. are connected to insecure access points WiFi. And, about a third of them carries out confidential transactions – shopping, banking, or others that require a password – despite the risk of theft of their credentials by hackers out of thin air ” (more…)