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SQL-Injection Hackers can use program commands to gain access to databases. This process is known as SQL injection. While information regarding these vulnerabilities is not new, there may be types of SQL injection you are not aware exist. Four SQL injection vulnerabilities you most likely are not aware of include: default database names, .net, Boolean-based injection and dynamic database queries.

Default Database

WordPress helps to make creating blogs and websites easy for those who are not programming experts. However, these sites are not impenetrable to SQL injections or other vulnerabilities. One problem that can leave website owners open to an SQL attack is WordPress’ tendency to create (more…)

New Vulnerabilities

Data and security breaches

Data and security breaches have become a common occurrence in our increasingly digital lives.

Security analysts generally agree that when it comes to secure data transfer the most vulnerable part of the chain is the human element, and whilst Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange’s cavalcade of governmental leaks has made gripping and enlightening news over the past few years, there have been countless other losses of data which, although not as world shattering, have left CEOs, politicians and news editors red in the face.

As the term “omnishambles” (coined by BBC political satire The Thick of It writer Tony Roche) officially entered the OED in August, I think it’s high-time we take this delightful portmanteau out for a stroll and investigate the data blunders that were disastrous from all perspectives. (more…)