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Java DangerAccording to the statements of experts discovered vulnerability allows an attacker to bypass the sandbox Java.

Representatives of the Polish company Security Explorations announced the discovery of a new vulnerability in Java 7, which allows an attacker to bypass the sandbox software and execute arbitrary code on the system.

To confirm the presence of gaps Adam Gowdiak, CEO and founder of Security Explorations, sent a notice to the PoC-code vulnerability in Oracle. According to the researcher, the vulnerability is present in the Reflection API – functions in Java 7. In the Security Explorations confirmed that the PoC-exploit code works for Java SE 7 Update 25 and earlier versions. (more…)

Oracle LogoSecurity Explorations: security vulnerability has been discovered in an update, Java 7

Specialists in IT security of the Polish company Security Explorations reported finding security vulnerabilities in Java 7, an update, released less than a day ago.

The company says that can be exploited to bypass the “sandbox” Java and execute potentially malicious code on the target system. In the Security Explorations say that already passed the data on vulnerabilities in Oracle with kotseptualnym exploit performing hacking Java for testing purposes.

Director General of Security Explorations Govdiak Adam said that while his company does not publish the technical details of the vulnerability, to give Oracle some time to fix the problem. (more…)