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SophosAccording to the report the researchers, most hackers will be based on the use of a set of exploits Blackhole.

Sophos has presented an annual report on cyberthreats, which warned of the distribution of a set of exploits Blackhole, as the most dangerous malware.

According to the researchers, a set of exploits Blackhole, getting in the infected computer with the operation of various vulnerabilities, creates a backdoor to download different viruses.

Experts estimate that this year Blackhole lead among malware in the U.S., where it accounts crouches 30.81% of infected systems. 17.88% of all infected computers were detected in Russia, and the third highest number of incidents were detected by computer systems Chile – 10.77%.

According to experts, in 2012, the most vulnerable are cloud computing, systems BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), database SQL, as well as the mobile operating system Android. (more…)