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Android App Security5 Ways To Secure Your Next Android App

Android security has become a hot button issue among Android users and developers alike. While the Android platform does offer significantly more freedom when compared to iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems, this freedom has a trade off; Android devices and applications have often been seen as far less secure than other options. For this reason, Android developers need to take special precautions when securing their applications. (more…)

Securing Tablets & Phones

Securing Tablets & Phones

If you are an attorney, chances are you use smart phones and tablets to keep track of your information. Securing these devices is important.

Any lawyer today will tell you that they store a lot of crucial information on their tablets and phones. Security of information for lawyers is vital. This is because the leakage of information can jeopardize the security of a client or negatively affect their case. It is therefore vital for lawyers to learn the basics of (more…)

security keyboard lockHow to boost security at your place of business. Improve security and your business will earn a good reputation amongst customers!

Your business is only as secure as you make it. It’s vital that your private information remains confidential to secure your financial data and to guarantee that customer privacy isn’t threatened.  Essentially, it’s crucial to your company’s future that you think carefully about your security.

Maintaining a consistently high level of security in your business is paramount. This article covers some of the main techniques on how you can improve the security throughout your company. (more…)

Network Security

Network Security

There are too many problems that can occur when you don’t have a secure network. Malware and other issues can cost your company thousands if not millions of dollars. A data breach can put your company out of business for good. This is why it’s important to know the 7 traits of a trustworthy network security so you know how to achieve one for yourself.

You need to address an array of issues when it comes to your network. This includes such things as:

– Network perimeter;
– Wireless devices;
– E-commerce;
– Malware. (more…)

Personal Safety

Personal Safety

An overview of personal safety measures and cyber security recommendations for the average individual.

When it comes to keeping our families safe, sometimes it feels like there is never enough we can do. From background checking babysitters to requiring helmets during athletic activities, your child’s safety is your number one priority. Since the beginning of time, humans have done everything in their power to pass on their genes and survive. Protective shelters and rudimentary weapons in the Stone Ages evolved into sturdy fortresses and eventually the elaborate home security systems we know today.

While it is important to keep yourself and your loved ones physically safe, it’s also crucial to keep personal information secure. Things like social security numbers and financial account details are often stored online, but might be vulnerable to hackers or others with bad intentions. Despite the recent NSA leaks and a select few major hacking scandals, the average American’s information is actually extremely safe online. (more…)