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mobile threatsClones and compromised legitimate apps are a concern for mobile users

Cybercriminals continue to attack mobile phones through new and devious tactics, using both malicious clones and legitimate apps as bait.

We’ve stepped into the technologically advanced future that we grew up hearing about for quite some time now and so far it has been great. Unfortunately, the cybercriminal lot is determined to spoil the fun for all of us. After haunting computer machines, primarily Windows computers, for over a decade, they seem to have turned much of their attention to smartphones, the Michael Jackson of technology (oh come on, who doesn’t love the moon-walking King of Pop?). Giving a completely new meaning to communications and entertainment, the cell phones of today leave very little to be desired, except for maybe a force-field to deflect all the malware targeting them. As if the situation wasn’t bad enough already, McAfee Labs has revealed in its quarterly threat assessment that cybercriminals are targeting mobile devices in newer and smarter ways than before. (more…)

Wireless Networks SecurityPublic Wi-Fi mobile hotspots are a hacker’s dream and a mobile user’s nightmare. The security tips listed below will help to keep your data safe while browsing online.

1. Choose Secure Networks 

Most hotspots have no security or very weak at best. Some Wi-Fi providers do maintain a secure network. Always use networks that have some form of encryption to reduce the chances of hackers getting into your data.  If you’re using Windows 7 onward, left click on the wireless network icon and hover over the SSID to see the type of security used. Steer clear of connections that show “Unsecured.” (more…)

Stats Of SmartphonesAccording to statistics, the share of average website’s mobile traffics equal to up to 25%, and what is more important, the index keeps on growing steadily. As per marketing analysts’ point of reference, a 65-70% increase in the number of devices should be expected by the year of 2016 witha vast legion of mobile users to reach nearly 200 million. It seems that we’ll inevitably face a rapid surge of mobile trafficin the next few years, heated by innovative technologies introduced in neoteric gadgetry almost on a monthly basis (it is hard to grasp it, but a 8-10 years old top Pentium’s performance is a no match to an imposing number of brand-new mobile devices and smartphones in particular).

A piece of statistics

Mobile traffic is absolutely crucial when it comes to marketing campaigns, conversion and revenue generation of course. Therefore, 10% of eBay’s traffic is represented by mobile visitors – the company has managed to earn 5bn in 2011 and crazy 7bn in 2012 solely from mobile traffic. Popular gambling and betting oriented websites report of 20-25% mobile visitors approximately, while payday and installment loans services admit thatthe half of their visitors drop in at their resource via a mobile device. (more…)