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Amanda Rieth

Above is an old photo of the 7 year old daughter of Amanda Rieth who at the time was battling Stage IV neuroblastoma, this beautiful little girl is now 13 and has shown no signs of the cancer since 2007.

But this photo is still circulating around social networks without the Rieth family’s consent and being used by scammers to tug on your heartstrings. And it works. Requests to like and share this photo and to pray for this little girl are met with a strong response from good-hearted people.

This isn’t the only scam campaign designed to harvest Facebook likes and shares. (more…)

Identity theftIdentity theft has become one of the most serious problems worldwide.

According to the latest Identity Fraud Report by Javelin Strategy and Research, there were 12.6 million cases of identity theft in 2012 in the United States alone, making that 1 million victims more than in 2009.

According to the report, the common causes of identity theft include stolen wallets, familiar fraud (victim knows the fraudster – can be a close friend or relative), online phishing scams and vicious computer viruses such as malwares and spywares,

You may think that identity theft couldn’t happen to you because you are careful with whom you give your important and personal details to. However, identity thieves are also getting smarter by the day about how to get your information. Here are the top 5 people at risk of identity theft, the reasons behind it, and how they can prevent it. (more…)