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Twitter hackedThe attack can be achieved by the introduction of Javascript code in your account page in the social network.

In one of the most popular social networks Twitter world was discovered malware aimed at social network users. This was reported by Tanya Shafir,  Trusteer’s researcher.

As declare in the company, the malicious software carries out MitB-attacks, using the web browser of the infected computers thanks to what get access to the account to Twitter from which the attackers and spread malicious entries. (more…)

Hackers attackThe basic version of the program found will cost interested users at $ 2399.

On one of the forums we found a link to the new version of malicious service Citadel Note that the program Citadel is a “social network” for hackers.

As part of the Citadel in hackers can vote for new ideas, offer their value certain development or improvement of the new module. In addition, users can exchange messages Citadel and comment posted in her application. Participants social platform provides the ability to monitor the stages of development of a new module. Developers regularly updated with the current status and the time remaining until the end of development.

Members also receive Citadel jabber-notifications, which provide information about the new user appearing modules and applications. (more…)