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Active@ UNDELETE SoftwareSurfing the web and playing around with a variety of fresh apps on your Windows OS is inevitably associated with security risks.

With the growing number of vulnerabilities and sophisticated malicious tactics, each new install of an app from a non-proven resource or browsing in the depths of the web puts normal system functioning in jeopardy. (more…)

ESET LogoReleased a new ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for smartphones and tablets based on Android

The company ESET, a leading international developer of antivirus software and an expert in the field of cyber crime and protecting against threats, has introduced a new intelligent solution ESET NOD32 Mobile Security.

The solution allows you to enjoy all the features of mobile Internet technologies – search for information, communicate, work, learn, shop and play games – without having to worry about the threat of viruses, leakage of personal data or fraudulent transactions.

In addition to direct the Anti-Virus solution includes features Antivor, Phishing and Anti-Spam, thereby providing comprehensive protection for mobile devices. (more…)

FortinetThe new system FortiWeb 5 OS provides enhanced protection from the growing threats and is compatible with all the devices of the family FortiWeb.

It is enhanced features including the ability to determine with high accuracy the origin of the traffic and establish permitted or suspicious sources.

With help FortiWeb it is possible to distinguish legitimate and unknown inquiries to search engines and to distinguish them from scanners, bots and other threats. This extends the analysis and detection of bots, recently provided by service FortiGuard IP Reputation service, which monitors the compromised IP-address or IP-addresses with abnormal activity. (more…)

Adobe LogoThe company Adobe Systems Inc. – The world’s leading developer of software products for any kind of data, including text information, graphics, video, and web-content. The company was founded in 1982, is headquartered in San Jose, California, US.

Adobe has a wide range of recognized industry solutions – software Adobe claimed millions of people around the world. Over 90% of professionals in design using desktop bitmap editor Adobe Photoshop in their everyday work. Adobe Illustrator vector graphics editor and layout program Adobe InDesign tools complement prepress professionals and designers. More than 90% of computers worldwide has free Adobe Reader, and Flash Player. The most important achievement is the development of vendor-page description language PostScript used in desktop publishing, and the creation of Portable Document Format PDF, which is an open standard, ISO 32000. (more…)

DeepSound ScreenshotImagine that your hard drive contains several secret documents that you wish to hide from prying eyes. Most people in this situation, please use encryption, but this approach has a very serious flaw. Encrypted files are at least attract unnecessary attention and open about the user has secrets.

Freeware application DeepSound offers a more elegant way to solve the problem. Couple of clicks on the mouse, you can hide an important document in the audio file with a WAV or FLAC. This is a very common technique is called steganography and involves hiding important information in a harmless “container” in which might be a sound file or an image. (more…)