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Botnet or zombie network

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Glossary
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BotnetBotnet or zombie network – a network of computers infected with malware that allows an attacker to remotely manage other people’s machines without the knowledge of their owners.

In recent years, botnets have become a stable source of income for cybercriminals. Consistently low costs and minimum knowledge needed to control the botnet, contribute to popularity, and with it the number of botnets. To DDoS-attacks or spam, carried by zombie networks, attackers and their customers earn thousands of dollars.

Botnets are created to make money. There are several areas of commercially viable applications of zombie networks: DDoS-attacks, collecting confidential information, spam, phishing, search engine spam, wrapping click-counters, etc. It should be noted that profit will be any direction, no matter what the attacker has chosen, and botnet can perform all of these activities simultaneously. (more…)