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Kaspersky Lab

main types of vulnerable applications

Kaspersky Lab has identified five main types of vulnerable applications, which using exploits. The study of viral activity in the third quarter of 2012, more than 50% of the attacks were used loopholes in Java. Updates of the software installed on the user’s request, not automatically, which increases time life of the vulnerability. Java exploits are fairly easy to use under any version of Windows, and with some work attackers, as was the case with Flashfake, the exploit can be cross-platform. This explains the special interest cybercriminals java-vulnerabilities.

In second place attack through Adobe Reader, which accounted for a quarter of all reflected attacks. Gradually popular exploits this application is reduced, due to the rather simple mechanism for their detection and automatic updates introduced in the latest version. About 3% of the attacks were in exploits the vulnerability in Windows Help and Support Center, as well as various vulnerabilities in the browser Internet Explorer.

Errors in Flash-player files are subject to scrutiny intruders. According to Kaspersky Security Network system for the third quarter of 2012, the ten most common vulnerabilities were two “representative» Adobe Flash. Close the top five exploits for devices running Android OS. Their main goal – to make imperceptible “jailbreak” and provide any programs, including malware, full access to the memory and features of the phone or tablet. (more…)