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Symantec Protection Center

Next Generation of Symantec’s Security Management solution.

Symantec Protection Center – is a console for centralized security management. Combining analytical tools Security and automation, it allows the timely and targeted actions to address incidents and proactively protect key systems and information resources.

Symantec Protection Center: Effective protection against today’s blended threats requires a coordinated control of multiple security systems and information about the security situation in order to reduce risks and facilitate management. With no means to summarize and rank the risk factors for products, groups and regions, organizations can easily miss the serious threats and compromise its security. Package Symantec Protection Center 2.0 – is a centralized management console for security systems that allow organizations to identify potential threats, prioritize tasks, and reduce the time of the adoption of protective measures on the basis of accurate and timely information.

“Display information about the safety records of internal threats and information on global threats in real time in a single web-based interface that supports the individual role of representations is critical to reduce the transaction costs associated with security and increases the ability of organizations to take immediate action against targeted attacks that hide their presence, “– said Lawrence Pingree, Director of Research (transformation of data centers and” cloud “security), Gartner. (more…)