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Found botnet Skynet

Network security professionals from the company Rapid7 found, perhaps one of the first botnet that infected computers with connection management server was carried out with the help of technology TOR, providing anonymous access to the Internet.

The discoverers of the botnet, known as Skynet, the artificial intelligence in the Terminator movies about, warned that as soon as this practice can take to other botnets, which greatly complicate the detection and neutralization of the managed server.

Technology was established TOR U.S. military experts in the hope that with the help of activists were persecuted in countries with totalitarian regimes can freely communicate with their peers and associates in subversive activities against the state. Anonymization multilevel network TOR almost eliminates the possibility of interception and interception of messages. In addition, through a network of TOR-repeaters in the filtered Internet, you can access any private resources through the use of “off TOR-nodes” in countries with less strict regime of access. As time went on it became clear that the technology of the present TOR opened a Pandora’s box, not only for human rights, but also for the real criminals.

Detected botnet Skynet, according to researchers, is a true multi-processor. In particular, Skynet supports Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), the generation of the virtual currency Bitcoin using computational resources of the GPU on infected machines, the execution of arbitrary code by the operator, as well as details of the kidnapping for access to Web sites and bank accounts victims. Skynet The main difference lies in the fact that access to its management servers is possible only through the TOR network protocol Tor Hidden Service. (more…)