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Torrent VPN ProvidersThe best VPN service is one that has the backing of many users from different geological location with the different devices and planes.

Remember, the most expensive VPN service don’t always mean the most reliable and fast.

The competitive environment allows the user to select the best VPN service even in cheap price. (more…)

The Pirate BayA quarter of a billion active users BitTorrent – an attractive audience for attackers who litter torrent trackers hand with viruses.

One of the main breeding grounds of viruses – the infamous The Pirate Bay. Group of Spanish researchers decided to study how common is this problem a few days ago they published the results of which can be called a surprise. During the two weeks of the experiment, researchers downloaded 29,330 torrent files, of which 12,209 contain malware or other kinds of fraud. Almost all of them very quickly removed from the site – for a few minutes or a few hours. But the number of files is as menacing: 41.6% torrents contain harmful stuffing.

According to Spanish researchers, the problem is still there, because for those minutes or hours malware time to download hundreds of thousands of users. During the year the victims are recruited millions of fake hands, so that this method of hackers spreading viruses is effective. So they will continue such activity. (more…)