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Malware Trojan HorseExperts Trusteer have fixed a new attack Banking Trojan Tatanga. During the attack, designed to intercept one-time code generated by the personal TAN-generator, using social engineering techniques. TAN-codes (Transaction Authorization Number) used in online banking systems as an additional level of protection against fraud in the operations on customer accounts.

This is a one-time passwords that are generated for each transaction, and their input is intended to support the authenticity of the person registered in the system and gives the bank a “good” for the completion of the transaction. In the banking environment, there are many different procedures for confirmation of transactions one-time password. In Germany, for example, are popular mTAN (code sent to the client in the form of SMS) and chipTAN – system and giving the customer a personal TAN-generator. The latter creates a one-time password based on the flashing image that appears when entering the bank site, it reads directly from the PC screen. (more…)