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Dr. WebAV developers say about a surge of activity Trojan cryptographers

Dr. Web warned of the growing number of users affected by a Trojan cryptographers. The most widespread malicious program Trojan.Encoder.94. Also very popular Trojan.Encoder.225: only recently for help in restoring the files affected by the actions of the Trojan, anti-virus department Dr. Web addressed more than 160 people.

The Trojans family Trojan.Encoder are malicious programs that encrypt files on the hard disk of the computer and demand money for their decryption. After the files are encrypted, the Trojans family Trojan.Encoder, depending on the version, can be placed on the disc text information files for data recovery or to change the desktop background image showing instructions. Amount required by hackers, can vary from a few dozen to several thousand dollars. (more…)

Malware Trojan HorseAntivirus companies show an increase of activity of Trojan-cryptographers.

Since October, there is a sharp burst of activity Trojans-encoders. Trojan-encoder is a malicious program that is hitting on your computer, finds his personal files and encrypts them, and then prompts the user to pay a certain amount of payments via mobile or virtual wallets.

The report intruders says that after the user will receive a payment code to decrypt user files, but there are no guarantees of course, no one gives. Furthermore: experience shows that most of the victims did not get their coveted code. Under the encryption can get pictures, videos, music, documents, archives, and even configuration database.

These malicious program encrypts files and display the message to the user that you want to release to transfer an amount to a fraudulent account, sometimes for an account number, you must first submit a request to e-mail. After payment attackers send broken keys, or more often do not send anything. Decrypt a file without knowing the original key, a very difficult task. Especially dangerous Trojans, cryptographers are for-profit organizations, as, for example, lost data databases can suspend the company indefinitely.

The main signs that appeared on your computer Trojan-encoder is to change the file extensions, such as music files, image files, etc., which attempts to open a message from hackers demanding payment for obtaining decryptor. Ability to change the desktop background, the appearance of text documents and windows with the corresponding reports of encryption, the need to legalize software and the like. (more…)