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PhishingPhishers use a legitimate email from Microsoft to exploit the vulnerability in Java

If you click on the link in the message, spammers send out falls victim to a page with an exploit, which establishes a system of Trojan Zeus.

The site Internet Storm Center (ISC) at SANS Institute, a notification appears on the current spam campaigns using the template of the messages from Microsoft, in which attackers use recent vulnerability in Java.

Operators ISC received a large number of reports on spam messages, which the authors are trying to convince the victim that she write to Microsoft about the changes in the provision of services to users of different services and products such as Hotmail and Skydrive. (more…)

Virus AlertTrojan.Maljava!gen23 is a heuristic detection for files attempting to exploit the Oracle Java SE CVE-2012-1723 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.

Technical details

Systems Affected:

Windows NT, Windows XP,Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008,Windows Vista, Windows 7, Solaris, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows 2000

CVE References: CVE-2012-1723

Technical details

Files that are detected as Trojan.Maljava!gen23 are considered malicious. We suggest that any files you believe are incorrectly detected be submitted to Symantec Security Response. For instructions on how to do this using Scan and Deliver, read Submit Virus Samples. (more…)