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Symantec CorpSymantec reported the detection of an attack on a popular hosting “Freedom Hosting”, which provides anonymous hosting service through a network of Tor. On the page of the service have been detected malicious scripts that allow attackers to intercept user data network Tor. As a result, questioned the anonymity of the hosting center – in fact with the help of malicious programs can track the user’s location.

August 4 at the sites hosted on hosting Freedom Hosting, allows access through a network of Tor, were found malicious scripts. Discovered scripts use the vulnerability, found in the browser Firefox, which has already been fixed in Firefox 22 and Firefox 17.0.7 ESR (Extended Support Release). Most likely, this vulnerability has been chosen because it set to work with a network of Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) is based on the Firefox ESR 17. Symantec products are defined these scripts as Trojan.Malscript! Html. (more…)