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Twitter hackedThe attack can be achieved by the introduction of Javascript code in your account page in the social network.

In one of the most popular social networks Twitter world was discovered malware aimed at social network users. This was reported by Tanya Shafir,  Trusteer’s researcher.

As declare in the company, the malicious software carries out MitB-attacks, using the web browser of the infected computers thanks to what get access to the account to Twitter from which the attackers and spread malicious entries. (more…)

Universal Man in the Browser Attack

Researchers have discovered a new type of attack: man-in-the-browser

Universal Man-in-the-Browser attack is by introducing malicious extensions for web-browser.

According to the experts on information security from antivirus company Trusteer, the researchers discovered a new type of virus attacks – universal attack man-in-the-browser (Universal Man-in-the-Browser). According to them, the universal design, this method is the use of a Trojan application that resides in the web-browser malware victims extension runs when you restart the browser.

Note that this attack is not a “universal” design is the capture user is directed to a specific web-site (usually a bank). This allows hackers to modify the appearance of a portal, kidnap victim, or authentication data transferred by the user to redirect funds to a third-party account.

Otherwise, mark in Trusteer, when virus writers spend a universal attack man-in-the-browser, under the attacker’s control, without exception, gets all the traffic of the compromised system, not just one that is addressed to a specific web-resource. (more…)