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Anti-Theft for ultrabooks

McAfee introduced the technology Anti-Theft, co-developed with Intel to improve the security of mobile devices class Intel Ultrabook.

Hardware and software technology will protect important user data from being stolen by the loss of the laptop, the developers say.

As the study by Ponemon Institute in 2007, laptops are lost every 53 seconds. At U.S. airports alone every week, lost to 12 000 systems, with 46% of them are kept confidential data are not protected by encryption.

The hardware and software package McAfee Anti-Theft is built into Intel Ultrabook laptops class based on the Intel Core 3rd generation hardware level – all the technology works independently of the operating system in order to protect it was impossible to turn off the standard means. In addition, the functionality of McAfee Anti-Theft Laptop Intel Ultrabook includes remote detection and tracking of their mobile computer via GPS, 3G network or Wi-Fi, as well as the management of all the necessary parameters through a convenient web-based interface, data encryption on the hard drive, blocking access to valuable information. (more…)