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Universal Man in the Browser Attack

Researchers have discovered a new type of attack: man-in-the-browser

Universal Man-in-the-Browser attack is by introducing malicious extensions for web-browser.

According to the experts on information security from antivirus company Trusteer, the researchers discovered a new type of virus attacks – universal attack man-in-the-browser (Universal Man-in-the-Browser). According to them, the universal design, this method is the use of a Trojan application that resides in the web-browser malware victims extension runs when you restart the browser.

Note that this attack is not a “universal” design is the capture user is directed to a specific web-site (usually a bank). This allows hackers to modify the appearance of a portal, kidnap victim, or authentication data transferred by the user to redirect funds to a third-party account.

Otherwise, mark in Trusteer, when virus writers spend a universal attack man-in-the-browser, under the attacker’s control, without exception, gets all the traffic of the compromised system, not just one that is addressed to a specific web-resource. (more…)