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Kaspersky LabThe new virus forces the personal computer to earn Bitcoin virtual currency.

Specialists of Kaspersky Lab found a new unusual virus spreading in the file «bitcoin-miner.exe». The virus uses the processing power of infected PCs, to “produce” virtual currency for intruders.

As soon as the course of virtual currency Bitcoin grows over time (for it is already possible to buy a real house), attackers are increasingly trying to get the currency detours. For example, found at the end of last year Skynet botnet contains a module for obtaining new bitkoins on capacities of infected machines. The fact that the number of outstanding Bitkoins strictly limited, and new Bitkoins appear only as a result of serious computing. Time for a lucrative “getting” Bitkoins way at the end: soon their number will become so large that the calculation of each following bitkoyna be prohibitively expensive. (more…)