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Virus DetectedA good antivirus program is an integral part of any computer user’s security strategy.

If you’ve ever wondered how these programs detect malware on your computer, you’re not alone. Let’s look at the various ways that antivirus software keeps your computer safe from viruses, worms, spyware and more.

Background Scanning

Most antivirus programs run in the background on your computer, performing what is known as “on-access scanning”. Behind the scenes, the software is checking every file you open before allowing you to run it. This scanning isn’t limited to executable files: Archive files are checked for compressed viruses, and documents are checked for macros that can cause harm to your computer. (more…)

Virus DetectedDo I need antivirus for android?

Android phones have leaped to new heights in the phone business, and cover a majority of the mobile market share. Anti-virus software for android has also drawn some attention with the increased number of mobile phones. Whether Android phones genuinely need anti-virus, a debate is on. There is a mixed reaction to this.

Juniper Networks (leading networking manufacturing company in U.S) did a survey that about 91.3% of malwaresare accounted by Android OS itself. The survey also says that,in every 10 infected malwares, eight are Trojan horses, followed by Spyware and Worms.With therise in the number of Android phones users, Malwares and Spywares have broadened its infection spectrum from personal computers to mobiles. These malwares can hamper your device in multiple ways by intruding into your phone through MMS or SMS, e-mails, fake apps, fake calls etc. (more…)