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Vulnerabilities in Skype

The developers did not disclose details of underlying vulnerability.

Skype development team has announced the release of a new version of the client. The program has a number of improvements in accessibility, stability and ease of user interface.

The notification developer P2P service also refers to address multiple vulnerabilities. The company provides a list of three names of researchers and the names of organizations that reported having at least one vulnerability in Skype 6.3. Thus, the client has been removed, at least three vulnerabilities, but the details of them do not apply. (more…)


Trojan via Skype

The updated version of bank malicious software Shylock appeared in open access.

According to security experts from the Danish company CSIS Security Group, last week publicly available update has started to extend banking trojan Shylock. One of the new features is the ability of the virus spread through Skype.

This addition allows a trojan to dispatch messages and harmful files by means of the client of the popular VoIP-service established on infected system. At this Shylock it is capable to bypass precautionary messages of Skype, and also to erase traces of the activity from its history.

Earlier in the Trojans already been implemented functional spread itself through instant messaging services such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Virus sends malicious links casual contacts in these applications. (more…)