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Chinese Great FirewallAn introduction to the Great Firewall (GFW)

It is interesting to know that the Chines government has blocked many of the popular websites like, Facebook, Google, and the YouTube through the filtering system called Great Firewall (GFW).

There is still one way to bypass the security system, the VPN services. (more…)

Torrent VPN ProvidersThe best VPN service is one that has the backing of many users from different geological location with the different devices and planes.

Remember, the most expensive VPN service don’t always mean the most reliable and fast.

The competitive environment allows the user to select the best VPN service even in cheap price. (more…)

 VPN Logo  In recent months the concern over virtual privacy, or lack thereof, has been a hot topic worldwide. The reality is that there is a wide variety of virtual privacy threats designed to steal personal information. What this stolen personal information is used for varies just as widely; from government spying to identity theft our information is being collected and used without our consent.

   According to research firm, 63% of cell phone owners use their mobile device to access the internet. Due to restrictions on mobile network speed or data overages people are using public Wi-Fi with growing regularity and this is further diminishing our ability to protect our personal data. Whether a laptop, tablet or a smartphone, public Wi-Fi is a hotbed for data theft activity. Even individuals who are not technically inclined can steal personal information, such as login credentials and credit card numbers, using easy-to-use hacking programs. These hacking programs monitor network traffic looking for valuable information to collect and save. Essentially, these programs do all the hard work and allow the cybercriminals to sit back and enjoy coffee and a muffin while the program steals identities. (more…)