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Adios, Hola

Researchers warn: Free VPN Hola vulnerable to hacking

Around 52 million users are using Hola free VPN service (Free VPN, Secure Browsing, Unrestricted Access) in and around the world. The free service has made the hackers to constantly track the activity of any user. It has security issues and it has to be looked upon as it has higher chances of serious consequences. It is best advised by the security researchers to instantly call a farewell to the Hola VPN service.

The Hola VPN works in such a way that it provides a distinct marker that is specific to a single user. The identifier seems to be the same even after rebooting the system. Hola allows you to get tracked across the Internet. (more…)

VPN LogoProtect your business from hackers with VPN network

Whether you need to access important business files over the internet or want to use an application, a Virtual Private Network or VPN gives you the required privacy. VPN services are used by most businesses in order to encrypt information that travels over the internet.

What VPN does?

A good VPN service creates a network between your computers and your servers that can only be accessed by certain people, obviously, appointed by you. You need to have a password in order to log on to the network and the access needed files. (more…)